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Tropical Dreams Hotel is situated approximately 40 miles off the East Coast of Nicaragua on Big Corn Island; an Island just waiting to fulfil your Tropical Dreams. Big Corn Island boasts Beautiful Beaches, a warm Pristine Ocean, Blue Skies by day and Starry Skies by night; many Restaurants, Bars, Diving Adventures and Beautiful Scenery to say the least, all of which makes Big Corn Island the place to be. If that isn’t enough, then experience Big Corn Island at night when the Island comes alive in a different way with plenty of Music and Dance at the many bars. No matter what you choose to do one thing you can almost guarantee is beautiful photos to take home as a reminder of your Tropical Dreams.

Tropical Dreams Hotel is a small family run hotel accommodating singles, couples, families, backpackers, groups and campers. The Hotel is situated in one of the nicest parts of the island within walking distance to the Beach; to Marlene’s Restaurant, Bar & Ice-creamery; to Irod Ruiz Store for all your daily conveniences and the lovely Speckito’s Bar where you can sit and relax under a thatched roof right next to the ocean.

Tropical Dreams Hotel doesn’t offer just accommodation it also offers an experience, the Hotel is on approximately 2 acres of grounds, some of which is used as a small Camp Site whilst the remainder is garden and fruit trees. Depending on when you arrive and upon availability you may be able to pull and husk your own fresh Coconut, pick and enjoy making your own Melaka Ton Fresco, indulge in the many Avocado’s straight from the tree, or even satisfy your taste buds with several different types of Mangoes. You may also be able to pick and eat the fresh fruit of the Cashew Nut, enjoy what the Islanders call Ethiopian Apples, or try some Bread-Fruit or Tamarind.

Tropical Dreams Hotel offers several services which can be seen on the Rooms/Campsite/Services page.

We look forward to seeing you at: Tropical Dreams Hotel

My Garden is Filled with Papayas and Mangoes – My Life is a Mixture of Reggaes and Tangoes

The Restaurant – Relax


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